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GetSocked providing you the finest bamboo socks possible from only $9.87 per pair inc GST. Our socks are made of the finest bamboo cotton. But, bamboo socks? Oh yes - for starters, compared to traditional cotton, bamboo is both softer to the touch, and stronger in the wearing. You might not know that it possesses a natural wicking material - strands of loosely woven, twisted, or braided fibres that draw up liquid. This reduces that uncomfortable wetness, and even a dangerous loss of liquid, when you're enjoying those hiking or walking adventures.

It's also antimicrobial. So, better to wear, and better for our precious environment. Compared to other trees, bamboo consumes just one-third of the amount of water in growth; and it requires neither herbicides or pesticides to thrive. This means you get to wear truly comfortable socks, and future generations would thank you if they could. Whether for yourself, or as a gift for a friend or loved one, our bamboo socks are the most practical and thoughtful - and a healthier - choice.

Perhaps you like a prior design we had? Or want to try our amazing quality socks before you subscribe? If so you can purchase the socks you love below and are sure to make you happy! Go on we dare you!

Shades of Grey-AdultSocks-GetSocked!
Shades of Grey
$9.50 $13.15
7 items left
Song and Dance
Star Burst-AdultSocks-GetSocked!
Star Burst
$9.50 $13.15
Tartan Time-AdultSocks-GetSocked!
Tartan Time
$9.50 $13.15
Trick or Treat
$9.50 $13.15
$9.50 $13.15
Sold Out
Zebra 2.0

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Thanks for the constructive feedback :) What kind of designs did you have in mind?
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Thanks for the feedback! We're wondering what they will look like as well :D
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