4 Reasons Why We Are Backing Bamboo

4 Reasons Why We Are Backing Bamboo

Move over cotton and wool! There is a new kid on the block that's beginning to stand out for all the right reasons! Rather than keep churning out traditionally made socks created from a mix of cotton, wool and synthetic fibers, a growing number of progressive sock artisans are choosing to blend these old favorites with bamboo. With a host of functional benefits as well as being super stylish and soft, bamboo (or bambuseae if you're botanically minded) is the on-trend super fabric that's becoming the preferred choice of the sock wearing elite. Keep reading to find out the top four basic bamboo benefits you need to know about this inspiring option.

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1. Amazingly Comfortable

Much softer than most fabrics, bamboo is ideal for people that crave the decadent comfort of an ultra-soft sock that gently caresses those tootsies, all while at the same time providing a durable option that won't turn to holes after only a few wears. Bamboo wicks moisture away from the skin – an enormous advantage on warmer days when you really don't want that unpleasant β€œsquidgy” feeling developing halfway through the day.

2. Protective

Bamboo is naturally sun resistant and can cut out a high percentage of harmful UV radiation. While no one is suggesting spending hours soaking up those rays, clad only in socks (retain that mental picture!) But it's certainly handy to know that your feet are offered protection when you decide on funky socks from bamboo material. In addition to UV resistance, bamboo also contains anti-bacterial agents, which can minimise the risk of developing unpleasant fungal conditions and smelly feet!

3. Good For The Environment

When it comes to green credentials, bamboo is in line with the best - it's sustainable, high yielding, soil stabilising and requires hardly any moisture. Bamboo can be grown where other crops fail to thrive and grows incredibly fast. This means supplies can be rapidly replenished. Where it is indigenous (and even in other regions when appropriate conditions for growth exist) bamboo can grow without the need for additional pesticides or fertilisers. If you're serious about the fight to save the planet, bamboo socks are an obvious weapon!

4. They Just Look So Good!

Bamboo rich socks are available in an incredible selection of colours and patterns, providing a great opportunity to express your individual sense of taste and style. Our stunning selection of all things sock includes stripes, stars, zig zags, patchwork and even tasty space invader items! Why keep going to work every day in those same old boring socks? Rock a fresh, hot sock look with bamboo rich items that can completely transform your lower limb look.

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