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Our Story

Welcome to GetSocked! We are all about breaking the monotony of day to day life and all for adding in a splash of colour. Once a month, we can deliver you a kinder surprise of fun socks to your letterbox. 

Located in Melbourne, Australia, founder Robert Adelman created GetSocked with the vision of breaking the tediousness of purchasing and wearing this everyday accessory.

Robert has long possessed a love of fun, loud socks and wanted to share this passion for creative and unique socks with others. At GetSocked, we aim to provide members with more bounce in their step and to bring back the novelty of a surprise. Let’s face it, these days the only mail most of us receive are bills and how boring are they! Gone is the excitement of waiting by the letterbox, or the thrill of receiving a surprise letter or card.

GetSocked aims to spread a bit of joy, mystery and excitement by delivering a unique collection of creative socks, direct to your letterbox each month. Let your socks do the talking and make colourful socks your own personal trademark.

Join our club and GetSocked each and every month!