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6 Month Sock Subscription (Once Off)

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Do you know someone who has a birthday coming up, but you're not sure what to give them? Perhaps you want to join but only want to subscribe for 6 months? Look no further!

Treat a loved one, treasured friend, or even yourself to our 6 month sock subscription service. They'll get to unwrap one of our stunning, unique and unforgettable GetSocked! Exclusives every month - meaning this really is the present that keeps on giving, all year round!

Not only are they amazing to look at, these bamboo socks are superbly snug and comfortable, while still allowing the feet to breathe easier than they would through old-fashioned cotton socks. Each foot is kept amazingly dry and annoying odours are just about eliminated, and let's not forget that smile that will reappear each time you take a pair of these bad boys out of that ratty old sock drawer!

  • Expires after 6 months
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Unique Socks Designs
  • Socks Sizing 7.5 - 13.5 (US mens)
  • Free postage within Australia and only $5 for the rest of the world, each month
  • 75% Bamboo, 22% Polyester & 3% Elastane
  • Machine wash at 30 degrees celsius

** Note if you order more than 1 pair per month, each pair will be the EXACT style, therefore every month we always send out the same style regardless of how many subscriptions you order **

  • GetSocked does not charge for postage for postage in Australia, overseas postage is $5 extra per month (AUD)
  • Each GetSocked package is sent to you as a regular letter with Australia Post
  • Delivery generally takes 5-10 days
  • All subscriptions are sent 1st week of the following month you place the order ie if you order in May, the next delivery will be the 1st week of June (allow uptp 10 days for delivery)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Please email info@getsocked.com.au for any queries, we are more than happy to try and asist

Customer Reviews

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12 Month Sock Subscription (Once Off)


6 Month Sock Subscription (Once Off)


I really like the socks but my latest pair still hasn't arrived.

Communicated with Conor via email and resent missing socks.
A well rounded Xmas gift

A great way to ensure the traditional Xmas gift of socks keeps giving. The ongoing direct debits meant that the payments were fuss free and my brother now has funky socks!

Does what they say...

Exactly as it says on the tin. Every month, good quality, vibrant socks arrive in the mail - All that and a good price. Happy customer.

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658 reviews

I recently flew to Vietnam & was sitting in Premium Economy on Singapore Airlines. The guy next to me asked me wanted to know "where did you get those beauties from?" I gave him the website. Classic!!

Very cool

I wore them to work. That morning I had an executive meeting. I deliberately put my foot up on the chair as if to do my shoes up & everyone got a peek. It inject a bit of light-spirit into the room of stuufy heads of dept!!! Plus they are super comfy!!

Fantastic socks, extremely comfortable

I Ordered Socks, Then Socks Came

I Wear them and they are comfy, My wife likes that they are easy to pair up. Everyone at work notices them then talks about them when they think I can't here them. They aren't suitable for cleaning up cat vomit

Great socks, extremely comfortable

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