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Melbourne, Australia - GetSocked is a new e-commerce venture aims to bring a splash of colour and excitement to people's lives every month, with fun socks delivered straight to their doors. GetSocked offers an unusual monthly subscription that is sure to delight and surprise recipients each time they open a package - even if they were the one who signed up for it.

The brainchild of Robert Adelman, GetSocked will allow users to sign up to have vivid socks with creative and unique designs sent to their home. With different designs guaranteed each time, GetSocked subscribers can always expect something new and interesting. 

For just $8.97 per month (shipping included for Australia, members of the site can expect some colourful socks to drop through their letterbox once a month. This should make a welcome change from the usual bills and junk mail that people typically receive on an almost daily basis. 

GetSocked makes their socks from bamboo, with quality and high production standards being a part of the company's ethos. Bamboo socks are both softer and stronger than traditional cotton socks, ensuring wearers get many years of use out of them and continued comfort. Also, bamboo is naturally antibacterial, making them much healthier for feet whilst eliminating food odour. Bamboo offers benefits for the environment too, as it grows extremely fast, uses less water than most other trees, and doesn't need pesticides or herbicides in order to thrive.

“However, for those who can’t handle a surprise, non-members are also able to browse and purchase direct from our online collection.”

GetSocked utilises Shopify's e-commerce platform, ensuring customers have a smooth, stress-free and secure experience. With such a positive vision and unique idea, it seems this business has put its best foot forward.


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Not as good as some others....
Thanks so much for your & feedback, definitely taking it on board! We constantly get reminded by our manufacturers that the Bamboo cotton our socks are made from is far more delicate and difficult to work with than standard cotton so some patterns come up better than others but we always try to push the limits to continue giving our customers fresh and creative designs. If you have any other feedback, please keep it coming :) Cheers GetSocked! Team
Happily & well & trooooly Socked thanks ....
Great socks
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