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Press Kit for GetSocked

Melbourne, Australia - GetSocked is a new e-commerce venture aims to bring a splash of colour and excitement to people's lives every month, with fun socks delivered straight to their doors. GetSocked offers an unusual monthly subscription that is sure to delight and surprise recipients each time they open a package - even if they were the one who signed up for it.

The brainchild of Robert Adelman, GetSocked will allow users to sign up to have vivid socks with creative and unique designs sent to their home. With different designs guaranteed each time, GetSocked subscribers can always expect something new and interesting. 

For just $8.97 per month (shipping included for Australia, members of the site can expect some colourful socks to drop through their letterbox once a month. This should make a welcome change from the usual bills and junk mail that people typically receive on an almost daily basis. 

GetSocked makes their socks from bamboo, with quality and high production standards being a part of the company's ethos. Bamboo socks are both softer and stronger than traditional cotton socks, ensuring wearers get many years of use out of them and continued comfort. Also, bamboo is naturally antibacterial, making them much healthier for feet whilst eliminating food odour. Bamboo offers benefits for the environment too, as it grows extremely fast, uses less water than most other trees, and doesn't need pesticides or herbicides in order to thrive.

“However, for those who can’t handle a surprise, non-members are also able to browse and purchase direct from our online collection.”

GetSocked utilises Shopify's e-commerce platform, ensuring customers have a smooth, stress-free and secure experience. With such a positive vision and unique idea, it seems this business has put its best foot forward.


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740 reviews
Very Cool

Ordered 5 pairs for my friends for Christmas and we all love them! They’re strong and stretchy and the colours are as vibrant as in the picture.

Soft. Comfortable. I work outdoors a lot and these do great in summer or winter. Now one of my go-to gift ideas!

Actual designs

I like the designs specially when they refer to the actual event of that month.
People I know always check my socks.

Sock it to me one more time

I am unsure precisely how many pairs of socks I now own. However, my wife has suggested that I actually need a sock wardrobe rather than a drawer. Each month everyone at work gathers round as I open my parcel and gives me a score out of 10 for the latest addition to my collection. Average to date is in the high 8's. Sock it to me again.

Loved it

Got as a gift for someone, socks were fun and it was always an exciting time to receive the next pair. 100% would reccomend!

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