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Wow what a gift

My Grandson loved his six month Sox gift his mother gave him a yearly one prior to mine so we are all sock stocked. It is so great for him as he gets very sweaty feet as he has Cystic Fibrosis so helps keep his feet dry the more socks the better and trendy styles. Has just been something he looked forward to every month. Thank you so much.


socks were not for me, but a present for my husband, who, over the years has endured his two sons consistently stealing his socks to find only one returning in the wash - no new story there! He only said the other day that this was the best present ever! Thank you from him and from me. Stay well and safe

Go and get socked!

Colourful and funky threads to make your daily stroll comfy!

Thanks to the gang for processing my first order early as it came through on monthly cut off.
Love the socks, love you guys!

Excellent socks!

love,love love,getting my socks every month. I get so many comments on the different socks i wear to work.

What’s in the sock box??

Enjoy my surprise parcel each month. I share them with one of my adult sons who loves his groovy socks. Looking forward to the cooler weather so I can “get socked” more often!!