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Why Bamboo for Baby / Infant Socks?

Finally, bamboo baby socks and infant socks!

I know what you're thinking... Bamboo? For babies? Oh yes!

For starters, compared to traditional cotton, bamboo is both softer to the touch, and stronger in the wearing, perfect for when those little ones transition from a slow awkward crawl to running around the house playing 'look mum and dad, you'll never ever catch me again'.  It's also antimicrobial, so better to wear and better for our precious environment!

What's the best part about our baby socks? If you can't decide which one of our perfectly patterned pairs to buy, you can go ahead and grab a gift set for that little miss or mister and then you don't have to choose - bonus!

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563 reviews
Sick socks!

Love the socks

12 Monthly Sock Subscription

Hi Paul, To assist us in improving, could you let us know if there's a particular reason for the low score on the review you submitted? Thanks in advance. GetSocked Team!
Xray Socks
Excellent quirky gift idea

My friend loved her gift!!


One pair of socks came with a hole in them. Another pair is falling apart. Will not order socks from you again.

Hi Amber, Thanks very much for the feedback! Sorry to hear that and we understand it is frustrating to receive faulty products,. I know we've now resolved this via PayPal however should you have future issues or queries, we encourage for you to contact us directly on email info@getsocked.com.au and we can replace the faulty pairs, etc as customer satisfaction is our priority. Kind regards GetSocked! Team
Best gift

My son just loves the socks I got him for Christmas. Great quality and super prints.

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